Achieve diagnostic medical imaging power quality performance with a PQube 3 power analyzer

Power quality for diagnostic medical imaging systems is only achieved through information on where the system will be installed, the expectations of the Imaging Department, the imaging system manufacturer, and the susceptibility of the imaging system to electrical or environmental disturbances, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, voltage sags, and surges.

Including a PQube 3 power analyzer in a diagnostic medical imaging system design ensures power quality and environmental disturbances are recorded in real-time making it easy to anticipate, identify, and correct diagnostic medical imaging problems. Easy to install and operate, a PQube 3 comes with an exhaustive array of inputs from electrical to environmental.  PQube 3 is programmable and will send specific trigger email alerts alerting to any bumps in magnetic resonance or system deviation.  Get in touch now to understand how integrating a PQube 3 into a diagnostic medical imaging system provides a hassle-free power quality solution.