You don’t have to drop everything to diagnose a power issue. Plug into Powerside.

Some power glitches are noticeable on site. Others present themselves as penalties on your utility bill. Finding the root cause can be challenging. With a Powerside Power System Analysis, you can efficiently monitor your facility and find accurate power corrections solutions.

Powerside Power System Analysis offers the competitive advantage of:


Data & Expert Analysis

Power Quality Correction

Get your Power System Analysis in 4 simple steps.

Expert support at every stage of analysis.

Powerside is at your service from initial setup to diagnosis. In addition, we offer a comprehensive report identifying the root cause of your power quality issue.

By the way: If you like it, consider getting the PQube embedded in our corrections equipment or installed permanently at your facility.

We help facilities accurately uncover issues like these quickly and on-the-fly with actionable power correction solutions:

Voltage spikes, swells, and sags​
Stroke 1
Voltage and current harmonic disturbances
Main service overload
Unexpected power interruptions or shutdowns
Power factor penalties assessed by utility
Group 5
Equipment failure

Stay ahead of power issues before they get you behind.

Our portable PQube 3 is the reliable, on-demand power analyzer that you can add to power correction equipment with cloud connectivity. You’ll be able to analyze your power system whenever power quality issues arise.

Medium voltage

PowerMVar & SynchroMVar correction banks

Provides power factor compensation and harmonic mitigation for any environment.


Custom built, shipped factory-tested, assembled and ready for interconnection.


Used for voltages from 2.4 kV – 35 kV in indoor or outdoor environments.


Fast switching capabilities for voltage support when starting large motors.

Low voltage

PowerCap fixed capacitor banks

Improve power factor by compensating the reactive power consumed by inductive loads.

Ideal for industrial and commercial environments, used for nominal voltages ranging from 208 V – 600 V.

Compact, rugged, and easy to install as a floor or wall mount enclosure.

Ideal for industrial and commercial environments, used for nominal voltages ranging from 208 V – 600 V, with size ratings of 2.5 kVAR – 300 kVAR.

PowerCap Harmonic
Low voltage

PowerVar automatic capacitor & filter banks

Automatically compensate for load variations that cause power factor and harmonic fluctuations.


Ideal when centralized load compensation is required in medium to large industrial environments.


Equipped with the ability to add a main breaker, blown fuse indication, and additional stage provisions for future expansion.


Available in capacities ranging from 75 kVAR – 1,200 kVAR and voltages from 208 V – 600 V.

PowerVar automatic capacitor & filter banks
Low voltage

PowerAct active harmonic filter banks

Protects equipment from harmonics generated by other industrial operations.


Enables longer equipment life, reduced energy costs, and higher operational reliability.


Improves power quality by mitigating harmonics, stabilizing voltage, balancing loads, and compensating for leading or lagging power factor.


Before power issues become bigger issues, call us.

Get a Powerside Power System Analysis, pinpoint the root cause, correct it, and get back to peak performance.  

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