PQube 3 Power Analyzers are PQView Compatable


What’s PQView®?

Our Sales and Technical Support teams are often asked if our PQube 3 power analyzers are compatible with PQview? The answer is yes they are! So what’s PQView? It’s a software that expands the ability of power quality instruments and can manages several power quality monitoring systems at one time. Developed by Electrotek Concepts, PQView is a database software application designed to store and analyze large quantities of power quality-related disturbance and steady-state measurement data from hundreds of different monitoring points.

PQView Data Sources

This report writer features data management tools that can quickly define data. PQView includes statistical analysis and plotting tools that can provide single or multiple-site analysis of power systems. All our series of PQube 3 power analyzers from rugged to portable are PQView compatible. Want to learn more about how PQube 3 power analyzers and PQView work seemlessly together? Get in touch, we’re here to help.

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