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The Newest Innovation in Cost-Effective Distribution Transformer Health Monitoring

Cost effective distribution

Monitoring distribution transformer health is typically done through two methods:

  1. transformer monitor relays communicating through SCADA, and 
  2. onsite inspections and maintenance.

While onsite inspections and maintenance will always be necessary for transformers, setting up continuous monitoring for distribution transformers can get quite expensive if additional needs arise. This may include further engineering; installation of SCADA to the substation; or pulling new cables.

There is a value-based approach to doing continuous monitoring of the transformer without investing a lot of capital and labor—and it involves the PQube® 3 from Powerside.

The cost-effective PQube 3 can typically be installed by your existing personnel, with no additional engineering design or contractor labor needed. Our Powerside support team can guide your team through installation and setup. In many cases, you can get the PQube 3 and associated devices up and running in a few hours.

The PQube 3 can securely and remotely monitor transformer health with alerts sent right to you, without requiring a SCADA system. The unit’s built-in communications allow you to remotely monitor the transformer, track trends, and even receive alerts of abnormal conditions—all in real-time. It also features inputs for analog sensors, which can be used to monitor the health of compatible transformers. 

Quick and easy setup

  • System can be located in a transformer control cabinet or mounted nearby in a rugged enclosure, which Powerside can help design and build.
  • PTs and CTs are wired into the system, as well as any analog or digital inputs that you want to monitor.
  • The PQube 3 automatically senses its configuration. Any necessary changes can be easily made using our free configurator software.

Transformer health monitoring capabilities

Transformer health naturally declines as equipment ages, but by monitoring baseline and seasonal trends over time, the PQube 3 can detect and alert you to abnormal health issues or malfunctions. It directly measures and reports on several health factors of compatible transformers, including:

  • Transformer load
  • Temperatures
  • Phase imbalances
  • Harmonics
  • Transients
  • Transformer efficiency (if high-side CTs and PTs are also available)

All this can be communicated securely and cost-effectively via your network, email alerts, or an onsite modem.

Transformer health monitoring capabilities

There are several ways to communicate with the PQube 3 distribution transformer monitoring system:

  1. The PQube 3 can be packaged with an onsite modem, allowing for remote monitoring access and customizable alerts for abnormal conditions.
  2. Traditional substation protocols such as Modbus, DNP3 and SNMP can be used to set up the PQube 3, enabling quick integration to existing SCADA you may already have in place at the station.
  3. Simply connect the PQube 3 to your network router, where you can receive alerts via email and securely monitor transformer health via a simple webpage or our cloud software solution.

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For more information on this cost-effective solution to transformer monitoring, contact our sales team via phone or email.

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