Continuous Remote Monitoring for Medium Voltage Drives
Improves Drive Reliability and Reduces Operating Costs

Medium Voltage Drive Failures Costly, Disruptive, and Inevitable?

Medium voltage drives fail at inopportune times, resulting in emergency service calls, extended downtime, and lost productivity and revenue. Fleet operators rightly question whether more could be done to prevent and mitigate surprise failures and their consequences.

Today’s Monitoring and Maintenance is Inadequate

The factory standard drives monitoring

  • Provides generally lagging on-site fault indicators requiring expert interpretation
  • Doesn’t provide comprehensive drive or facility diagnostics
  • Doesn’t document trends for fault anticipation
  • Doesn’t capture event signatures to accelerate root cause and recovery

Preventative maintenance is a band-aid solution

  • Preventative maintenance is an annual snapshot, not a real-time oversight solution
  • Doesn’t detect transient or evolving faults
  • Doesn’t monitor drive or facility health, at-load
  • Results in premature parts replacement

Remote Condition Monitoring the Way Forward

Continuous, in-depth monitoring and fleet management overcome the limitations of embedded diagnostics and preventative maintenance:

  • Remotely detect intermittent and evolving at-load faults
  • HQ experts can oversee the fleet in real-time
  • Accelerates root-cause analysis and recovery
  • Reduces preventative maintenance frequency and cost
  • Trends and alerts help improve uptime

DriveScan Real-time Medium Voltage Drive Asset Management

Powerside’s medium voltage drive remote monitoring system continuously captures critical drive and facility health indicators for the entire fleet, 24 x 7, for faster event detection and recovery.

Comprehensive sensors

  • Facility power quality, load, input/DC section/output sensors
  • Environmental: temperature, humidity, vibration, shock
  • Reporting: alerts, event snapshots, live data, trends

Powerful cloud software

  • Scalable fleet dashboard and individual system drill-down
  • Comprehensive power, power quality and system health indicators