Stake your reputation on Powerside

As an industry solution provider, you need innovative power quality technology to set your product apart from the competition and minimize lifecycle costs. You also need the services to optimize, deploy, and support your integrated solution over the long haul. With years of experience serving OEMs, Powerside understands what’s important to you. Manufacturers rely on Powerside OEM Solutions for partial configurations or systems, and first-fit components, to create unique equipment to meet your project needs.

OEM’s embed PQube 3 power analyzers because they are compact, intuitive, and easy-to-install. They provide real-time and precise data to monitor power quality, energy and perform data analysis. They also alert when environmental parameters affect the quality of the product. Easy to integrate into your unique equipment and systems, they help your customers’ power smarter.

Choose Powerside OEM Solutions, and stake your reputation on our award-winning PQube 3, our global presence, and our record as an industry leader. PQube 3 is used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, semi-conductor, data centers, communications, financial services, energy, healthcare, and networking.

Accomplish your vision. Embed a PQube 3 power analyzer.