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[Interview] Powerside Expert Discusses Current State of the Modern Grid

During DISTRIBUTECH 2023, Seth Johnson, Powerside’s VP of Power Quality Corrections, sat down with Alan Ross, Managing Editor of APC, for a wide-ranging discussion about the power industry. Preview his 3 biggest takeaways below:

#1: Renewables Present New Challenges

The way we produce, consume and store energy is changing rapidly. Modern renewables rely on technologies like DC/AC inverters that can increase harmonics. If left unaddressed, many end-users could face increased equipment failures and service interruptions.

#2: Good for Power Quality and Power Professionals

Advanced power quality detection and correction solutions can help mitigate many renewable-related challenges. By preemptively detecting potential issues and deploying corrective solutions such as capacitor banks you’ll help protect vital equipment and increase power reliability. This also unlocks efficiency that frees up valuable staff time, especially critical amidst ongoing staffing shortages. 

#3: A Smarter, Decentralized Grid Might Be on the Horizon

Even as we’re preoccupied with our energy present, we can still keep an eye on our energy future. Based on current trends, we could be headed towards a much more decentralized grid that’s managed by highly advanced artificial intelligence. What new benefits and challenges might this grid offer? Only time will tell. 

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To hear more of Seth’s thoughts on critical issues in the power industry, watch the full interview.