Powerside’s optional PQube 3 windows compatible software allows you to extend the functionality of your device. Looking for a PQube 3 power analyzer cloud-based solution? To get access to PQube 3 firmware, Modbus Client, Report Writer or for technical information, download them from our Help Center.

PQube 3 Modbus Client

This FREE Windows compatible software, remote meters, scopes, strip charts, and logging. Download it from our Help Center 

Key Features

  • Data logging
  • Real-time:
    • scope meter with waveforms
    • voltage and current harmonics
    • 2 kHz – 150 kHz supra harmonics
  • Remote connection verification
  • 4-quadrant energy counters include Wh, Vah, VARh, and PF
  • Access to more than 3000 parameters
  • Live meter value recording available in CSV format

PQube 3 Report Writer

A FREE multi-language compatible customizable reporting application that generates custom or default measurement data reports as a Word document. Download it in from our Help Center

Key Features

  • Environmental parameters including ambient temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc.
  • Reports include:
    • current channels, analog, and digital channels
    • HF impulse and RVC events and 2kHz-150kHz conducted emissions
    • Sags and swell interruptions
    • harmonic and power consumption evaluations

PQube 3 supports

Visit our Help Center for software and documents.