Terry Holt, Project Manager, Cochran Marine

We have worked with Powerside (formerly Power Survey) on multiple projects across North America. Their power quality product, knowledge, and customer service have made them the obvious choice for our shore power systems. Powerside provides quality and professionalism throughout the procurement cycle and has continued to assist us with technical and engineering support for all our system applications. Thank you, Powerside! We look forward to working with you again.

Eric Fernhout, Electrical Project Manager

In 2009, a need was identified to install power factor correction at a local manufacturer. We choose Powerside (formerly Power Survey) to provide the solution.

They determined our requirements, provided three 400kVar units with harmonic correction, and provided installation and startup support. The equipment was professionally built, easy to install, and maintained our power factor as promised. All units are operating as expected, with no issues. Currently, I have the same need in my present location. I will not hesitate to work with Powerside again.

Daniel P. Rooney, Supervisor Plant Engineer

My experiences so far with Powerside’s (formerly Power Survey) product at both our Sarnia facility and Oakville facilities have been excellent. It has been a huge success in both cost savings and cleaning up our power supply/ power factor. The price of Powerside’s product is significantly lower (20 – 30%) than competitors (ABB etc.) – and it’s a Canadian product. This is very important to us. Powerside’s support in the process and commissioning of the equipment is also a major added plus. As we move towards 2017, we are looking to work on more projects with Powerside for our other sites. Electricity is a very expensive commodity, and the continually climbing prices are really affecting our business in Canada.

JD Dodson, President

Since 2004, we have partnered with Powerside (formerly Power Survey). We have tried other products on the market but Powerside’s product quality and engineering have consistently been the best. In looking for a power quality partner, the market is full of big companies. These companies have too many products and lack the focus that Powerside has on power quality solutions. I highly recommend Powerside as your premier partner in the power quality business.

Cliff Sims, Henry County Water Authority

Team, Thank you for introducing us to PQube 3. It has saved us a tremendous amount of time and manpower as far as troubleshooting goes. I’m able to see any power abnormalities right-away from my desk-top or mobile device and dispatch the correct response personnel if needed. This has saved us money by allowing us to get ahead of several electrical problems before they became major issues at our water and sewer treatment plant. Since we have so much equipment to maintain, the ability to receive real-time data is extremely comforting to us as well. We are extremely satisfied with PQube 3 and will continue to use it going forward.

Christopher Crescenzo, Electrical Coordinator & Estimator

Every member on the Powerside (formerly Power Survey) team who assisted us with the planning, delivery and commissioning of the capacitor bank did so efficiently and on schedule. Due to schedule changes, our company was faced with changing delivery deadlines and commissioning dates, Powerside met these dates to ensure the project was completed on time. In addition, their employees were readily available to help with any questions we had, ensuring we were content and familiar with their controls and products.

Powerside manufactures a high-quality product, but what really stood out was their help with our questions.

It was a privilege working with Powerside to deliver a successful power factor correction upgrade to our clients. We look forward to using their products and services again in the future.

Terry Harrison, Owner, Energy Saving Products

Our business, Energy Saving Products, began installing power factor correction equipment in 1984, in the greater Los Angeles area. After becoming dissatisfied with our usual equipment supplier, we began doing business with Powerside (formerly Power Survey). During the past fifteen years, we have used their equipment in some of our largest customers’ facilities.

Powerside’s low voltage and medium voltage equipment are installed in a number of office buildings, including Wells Fargo Center, a 2.5 million square foot building in downtown Los Angeles. We have also installed their equipment in industrial and manufacturing applications, including the Port of Los Angeles terminals.

It has been our experience that, not only does their equipment exceed the industry standards for reliability and efficiency, their customer service has been exemplary.

The Powerside factory personnel helped us with engineering and technical specifications, and they have also given us on-site field help with our customers. Their West Coast Regional Manager, Jerry Grootveld, has always been there for us, by phone and often in person, to make sure that things run smoothly with our customers and with our installations.

We are happy to recommend Powerside for any and all power factor needs.